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Acer C710-2856 Atom 1.1 GHz 2G 16G 11.6 in Chromebook


Why do you need your Acer Chromebook to be this Acer Chromebook? So many, many reasons!

In the world we live in today, there are plenty of reasons to buy an Acer Chromebook. Want to see a few? Of course you do! Read on!

1. Cyberpunking – At 1 inch thin, the Chromebook fits neatly into a leather bag over the shoulder of a leather jacket covering a leather shirt above a leather pair of long johns tucked into a pair of leather pants that lead down to leather shoes over leather socks, which is EXACTLY the outfit most real cyberpunks prefer! Maybe throw in a leather trenchcoat or leather hat for the really serious.

2. Soft-Hitting Journalism – How many times have you needed to file a report on which famous lady you just saw kissing a famous actor in the park? We’ve all had those moments, and usually, our story goes to waste. But with an 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi at the ready, you’ll have that gossip online in mere seconds! Who cares about Kiev? Unless that’s some new rapper!

3. Working From Home – There’s an integrated microphone, so you can still make that 7 AM conference without fighting through freeway traffic. And it’s super simple to pretend like the 720p webcam doesn’t work so you don’t have to put on any pants. “No, no, it’s the damndest thing, boss, it’s supposed to be so simple. I’ve got a tie on and everything too.”

For these reasons and more, this Acer Chromebook is the Acer Chromebook for you. Accept no other Acer Chromebook!

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