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Amazon Payments: It’s Here, Enjoy It

Ever wondered how you could tie your adorable Woot account to your beloved Amazon account? STOP WONDERING RIGHT NOW! Starting this very second, Amazon Payments is live and ready!

All the fanfare’s coming tomorrow, but as of this very second you’re able to complete your checkout process without having to enter your shipping address or payment information, and access all of your Amazon stored shipping and payment settings. Also check this out: you’ll be able to benefit from the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee for Buyers when you make a purchase using Amazon Payments! That’s the super-short version, FYI. After the jump, you’ll find all the complex legal. We just figured you’d want the TL;DR first.

Stodgy Ol’ “Using Amazon Payments On Woot” Customer FAQ


1. Why do I want to be using Amazon Payments on your site, Woot?
Why would you want to eat cake? Why would you want to listen to a symphony? Amazon Payments ensures that you, Dear Reader, can pay for your Woot purchases with convenience, trust and security. It enables you, Dear Reader, to create or link an existing Woot account to your Amazon account, so you can complete your checkout process without having to enter your shipping address or payment information by hand. Additionally (get this) you will have access to all of your Amazon stored shipping and payment settings, allowing you to check out on Woot more quickly than you would have ever dreamed! Assuming you dream about checking out on Woot, that is. Naturally, your payment information remains confidential and secure. Plus you’ll be able to benefit from Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee for Buyers when you make a purchase using Amazon Payments! Click here to learn more about the Amazon A-to-z guarantee, should you care to.

2. How do I use Amazon Payments on Woot, Woot?
It’s so easy even WE could do it. To use Amazon Payments, just sign into Woot using “Login with Amazon” on the sign-in or sign-up page. You’ll be asked for your Amazon log-in and password. If you’re new to the planet and don’t have an existing Amazon.com account yet, you can create one from the Amazon login screen. Then select your payment method and shipping address from the Amazon Payments widgets (if you have one-click turned on, it’ll pre-populate that stuff for you) and confirm the payment. Boom. Done.

3. Do I need a separate Amazon Payments account?
No, you can use the same login and password that you use on Amazon.com to use Amazon Payments on Woot.

4. What personal data does Amazon Payments share with Woot?
Amazon Payments only shares basic information such as your name, email address, phone number and the name, shipping addresses and phone number of the person to whom your order is being shipped to with Woot. This is required by the sellers to fulfill your purchase and contact you directly for any service related issues. Amazon will not share any financial information such as your billing address or credit card number with Woot. We take this paragraph so seriously that we didn’t even put any jokes in here.

5. What kind of protection does Amazon Payments provide to me?
Amazon Payments offers an A-to-z Guarantee Protection for Buyers for qualified purchases. The condition of the item you buy and its timely delivery are guaranteed under the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee. Click here to learn more about the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee for Buyers.

6. Where can I track my Amazon Payments transactions?
You can track your transactions in the “Your Account” section of www.payments.amazon.com after you log in with your Amazon.com credentials. On the “Your Account” page, you can see a list of past orders made using Amazon Payments. You can also specify date ranges and transaction type filters to view the transactions you are interested in. If you wanna, you can click on any transaction through the list view to view the details of that transaction, such as the date when you placed the order and the actual amount that you have been charged or refunded with the dates all that stuff happened.

Incidentally, you can also track your purchases on Woot, via the good ol’ “Stuff You Bought” page. Just sign into www.woot.com via the “Login with Amazon” button and click “Stuff You Bought” from the top right of any page, and you’ll see allllllll your past purchases on Woot. All orders purchased using Amazon Payments will be marked as such and only the shipping address will appear on the “Order Details” page for that order.

7. How can I cancel an order that I made using Amazon Payments?
Hopefully, with a touch of guilt. But you can cancel an order that you made using Amazon Payments in the same way that you would cancel any other order on Woot. Simply log into Woot.com via “Login with Amazon” and visit the “Stuff You Bought” page. If the order is cancellable, you will see a “cancel” button on the “Order Details” page for the order you wish to cancel. If you do not see a “cancel” button, it means your order has already entered our systems for fulfillment. At this point you can try to contact customer service via our support page to cancel the order, but cancelations are not guaranteed if the product has already shipped. Also please be kind to our sweet CS team. They do their best and their job can be tough.

8. What kind of notifications will I receive for my payments using Amazon Payments?
Woot will send you an order confirmation email when you place your order and another email when the order ships. Amazon Payments may also send you emails regarding the exact same order so you can track your payments and refunds. You’ll also receive a “Payment Authorized” email when you place an order using Amazon Payments on Woot. This email provides a confirmation of the payment that you have authorized for the purchase. And you’ll naturally receive an email from Amazon Payments when you are issued a refund.

Additionally, if applicable, Amazon Payments may send you additional emails to notify you if your payment instrument (a.k.a the “cash clarinet”) has been declined so that you can update your instrument, or confirm when you have filed an A-to-z claim with us, or alert you to when your A-to-z claim has been decided, or when your approved payment is canceled by the seller.

9. How do I locate my Amazon Payments transactions on my credit card statement?
Amazon Payments transactions will have a descriptor format of AMZ*<Woot> or amzn.com/pmts WA or AMZ*<Woot>. You can look for that descriptor on your credit card statement to identify Amazon Payments transactions. We originally wanted it to say YOLO but the lawyers shot that down for some reason.

10. Can I use Amazon Payments for all products that are available on Woot?
Tragically, no! Amazon Payments does not currently support purchases made on wine.woot. If you use Login with Amazon on Woot and you have items from wine.woot in your cart, we will automatically default to your Woot shipping and payment settings on the Order Review page. If you’ve never entered shipping and payment settings on Woot and have only used Amazon Payments, then you will be redirected to a page where you can enter in shipping and payment information. Should you remove all wine.woot items from your cart, you can continue using Amazon Payments to check out with the rest of your stuff.

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