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Apple 128GB Gen4 iPad with or w/o ATT 4G

Pad Tha-i

The question is not “Do you need an iPad?” The question is “Which of these iPad options is right for me?” ASK THE RIGHT QUESTION, PLEASE.

If you went into a sushi bar and asked where you could get a hammer, people would laugh and point and call you names. Why? Because “where can I get a hammer” is the wrong question for a sushi bar. Similarly, “why do I need an iPad” is the wrong question for this sale here today. Because you need one. You really, really, really need one. Go another minute without one and you might- well, there’s no need to speculate horrifically.

But WHICH iPad? That’s certainly a valid question. After all, one will attach to the AT&T 4G LTE mobile broadband network, while the other will work with nothin’ but WiFi. Both, of course, boast iSights and an A6X Chip and the Retina Display and all the other cool iPad stuff, so whichever you pick, that part will be the same.

So it’s your choice now! Do you want the sushi you can use to surf the web as you walk around your apartment, or do you want the sushi that you can use anywhere that you can get a signal? See? All about asking the right question.

No, you’re not allowed to say you don’t like sushi. The time for that has past.

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