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Audials Mediaraptor 11 for PC – 63% Off

On Saturday 1 Mar PST you can get Audials Mediaraptor 11 at a reduced price.

Our price: $14.94
List price: $39.90
You save: 63%

Folks, Audials Mediaraptor 11 is currently on sale for $24.90 (down from $39.90) on the Audials website. However, they’ve agreed to knock another $9.96 off the price tag just for you!

Remember the days of hunting for your favorite song on the Internet? It was pretty hit or miss, and sometimes you’d jump for joy when you found it, only to find out after downloading it that it was TOTALLY the WRONG song. How high would you jump right now if I told you that you can get not only your favorite songs, but also your favorite videos and films, delivered right to your hard drive? You can, with Audials Mediaraptor 11!

Audials Mediaraptor 11 scours the Internet so you don’t have to! With Audials Mediaraptor 11, you can just enter what you’re looking for in a search field and Audials Mediaraptor 11 will find it and record it for you, auto-magically!

You’re probably thinking that your tastes are really obscure, so Audials Mediaraptor 11 will never have heard of your favorite artists. Well, with more than 750,000 artists in its database, there’s an excellent chance that Audials Mediaraptor 11 will prove you wrong!

It gets even better! Audials Mediaraptor 11 will capture videos and songs even if you’re not searching for anything specific! With Audials Mediaraptor 11, EVERY video or song that you play on the Internet is recorded! Plus, all of your downloaded media is automatically converted to the proper format for your playback device. You can even augment your media treasures with ID3 tags, album art, and lyrics to complete your video and music experience.

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