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Audio Notetaker for PC – 67% Off

On Friday 13 Dec PST you can get Audio Notetaker at a reduced price.

Our price: $49.95
List price: $149.99
You save: 67%

Remember that time you tried to record the most IMPORTANT lecture of your entire life, one that you absolutely needed to pass a course, get ahead at your job, or completely turn around your life? You didn’t take notes on paper because you were recording, but when you tried to listen to your audio later, it was nearly impossible to organize. The important stuff you needed to know was dispersed throughout, and working your way through it, over and over, was tedious. Now’s the time to give audio notes a second chance, though, with Audio Notetaker!

Audio Notetaker makes organizing recorded audio as easy as using pen and paper! With Audio Notetaker, recorded or imported audio is visually represented as a series of colored segments, letting you easily navigate, edit, and label important bits! You can, for example, go through a recorded lecture about wildlife and copy and paste all of the parts about koala bears together — a critical research function for your term paper “Koala Bears: The Cuddly Menace”!

Important audio clips can be highlighted for easy reference — even in real-time while you’re recording! Plus, you can supplement the audio recordings with keyword-searchable written notes, Powerpoint slides, and images in the handy notes pane! Best of all, Audio Notetaker can export everything to a file that can play on your portable media player, for learning on the go!

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