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Black&Decker SmartSelect Steam Mop w/Handle Command

No, you’re not seeing things. Out of our desperate attempt to be rich love for giving you options, we’ve added a little something extra for today. Come on in and check it out!

Everybody’s had those moments when a spotlight spills out onto the floor. And sure, you can hire some sad clown to come and sweep it into their hands, dump it into their hat, and carry it away. That’s traditional! But that’s also expensive, and it can leave a filmy clown residue across your floors. What’s a better solution? Your very own steam mop.

But you don’t have to use this steam mop only on spotlights! You can use it anywhere, killing 99.9% of germs with the powerful blasts of steam. You select the floor type and the mop does the rest. You don’t even NEED a sad clown!

Or maybe… that’s why he’s sad…

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