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Bot Revolt Anti-Malware (6-Month) for PC – 100% Off

On Monday 28 Oct PST you can get Bot Revolt Anti-Malware (6-Month) at a reduced price.

Our price: $0
List price: $29.70
You save: 100%

You think you’re absolutely safe because you installed the latest and greatest antivirus application on your computer, right? Wrong! Just because you have an antivirus program doesn’t mean you’re immune to evils that invade your computer over real-time connections. To be really secure, you need the added protection of today’s discount software promotion, Bot Revolt Anti-Malware!

Bot Revolt Anti-Malware blocks illegal and harmful connections to your computer in real time, before any damage can be done. With Bot Revolt Anti-Malware, you’ll benefit from a huge blacklist of evil IP addresses that’s compiled from the blacklists of all major security organizations. The list totals over 1 billion bad IP addresses and is continually updated with 3,000 new IP addresses every day!

If you’re curious, Bot Revolt Anti-Malware can show you who is trying to access your computer at any given moment. It’s a great tool for investigating whether you’re the subject of a targeted attack, or just a drive-by random electronic doorknob jiggle!

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