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Clarify for Mac & PC – 50% Off

On Friday 11 Oct PST you can get Clarify at a reduced price.

Our price: $14.99
List price: $29.99
You save: 50%

Clarify isn’t just another boring screen capture utility. Clarify is an integrated screen capture, image editing and text authoring application that lets you save money and time by creating clearer emails and documents.

If you owned Clarify then the next time you needed to prepare a how-to for a customer, detailed instructions for a contractor/co-worker or a bug report for tech support you wouldn’t write a boring text-only email. You would create a beautiful multi-step, multi-image document that communicated your point clearly and made you look like a superstar, all in less time than it would take to write that boring email.

Clarify has everything you need to communicate more clearly — screen capture and image tools including arrows, rectangles, ovals, highlights, blur, crop and resize, frames and borders, all integrated with a simple outliner and text editor! Plus, you can share your work online via Dropbox, Clarify-it.com (Clarify’s free image sharing service), email or PDF. Creating communications that get understood the first time has never been easier!

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