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Clipboard Stripper Personal for Mac & PC – 70% Off

On Sunday 16 Feb PST you can get Clipboard Stripper Personal at a reduced price.

Our price: $5.99
List price: $19.99
You save: 70%

You use your Clipboard almost every day. It’s where you park stuff that you need to use later! In fact, the Clipboard is the ultimate invisible friend, an essential part of your workflow. Yet, it doesn’t really help you do things more efficiently, right? No, to bring the clipboard to the next level, you need to get today’s discount software promotion, Clipboard Stripper Personal!

Clipboard Stripper Personal is a leading clipboard assistant tool, letting you strip or apply formatting to clipboard content in just a few keypresses. With Clipboard Stripper Personal, you’ll be able to strip all clipboard content down to basic formats, leaving only plain text, RTF formats, or bitmap/metafile images. Or you can go the other way, applying formatting automatically or manually – changing tabs to spaces, removing extra spaces, fixing width settings, and so much more.

You invoke these formatting options by pressing a hotkey, using a popup menu, or having Clipboard Stripper Personal trigger them automatically whenever the clipboard contents change. Plus, all strip and format events can be accompanied by a popup balloon to notify you when they happen! Throw in the ability to save and load clipboard contents in a variety of formats, and there’s no reason not to pick up Clipboard Stripper Personal today!

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