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Copernic Desktop Search 4 for PC – 40% Off

On Wednesday 27 Nov PST you can get Copernic Desktop Search 4 at a reduced price.

Our price: $29.97
List price: $49.95
You save: 40%

Do you keep a rigid structure of folders and subdirectories to store and organize your files and emails? It works until it doesn’t, am I right? And when it fails, trying to find that one specific message or file that you need right now isn’t any fun, and is a frustrating way to ruin your day. Time to move on up to today’s discount software promotion, Copernic Desktop Search 4!

Copernic Desktop Search 4 lets you find files and emails anywhere they are located on your computer! With Copernic Desktop Search 4, you can search for files by name or by content, across your internal drive, network shares, and external drives. A handy preview pane shows you the highlighted search term to let you know whether you’re in the right spot.

Don’t worry if your file types tend to be a bit obscure. With support for over 150 file types, with more being added, there’s little chance a lost file will remain lost once you put Copernic Desktop Search 4 on the case! Best of all, Copernic Desktop Search 4 does all of this work while merely sipping on computer resources, with a very low memory footprint!

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