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Copy Protect for PC – 60% Off

On Sunday 13 Oct PST you can get Copy Protect at a reduced price.

Our price: $27.98
List price: $69.95
You save: 60%

If you work with media, you know how important it is to make sure that your work is protected. One mistake, lapse of judgment, or security breach, and your precious photo, audio, video, or document can spread across the Internet like wildfire! Today’s discounted software promotion is designed to make it easy for you to lock down your media files tight, safeguarding them from loss, theft, or tampering — it’s called Copy Protect!

Copy Protect is the perfect solution for preventing the unauthorized copying and distribution of your confidential media files and projects. With Copy Protect, you’ll enjoy a friendly and intuitive interface that lets you start applying protection to your work immediately without any advanced technical knowledge. Best of all, even though your media files are fully protected, you’ll always be able to view, play, or read any protected media file or document without undue hassle. The secret? Copy Protect transforms your files into protected portable applications that can be run by any authorized user without any need for local installation or admin rights! For maximum flexibility, these protected apps can be stored on any USB drive, CD/DVD disc, or external hard drive.

Just imagine the benefits of using Copy Protect – the freedom to distribute samples of your work without worry of copying or distribution, protection of critical copyrighted materials, and increased productivity from the elimination of futile methods and crippled feature-sets. Do you honestly think that a watermark ever stopped anyone? Copy Protect is the key to a brighter, more profitable, and safer future for you and your work product!

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