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CUMeeting – 12 months license for PC – 78% Off

On Sunday 1 Sep PST you can get CUMeeting – 12 months license at a reduced price.

Our price: $39.95
List price: $182.00
You save: 78%

Trying to explain something on your computer to someone else is impossible unless they can see what you’re doing. Crowding people around your screen is one possibility, but impractical if your team is distributed in different offices. The perfect solution lies in today’s discount software promotion, CUMeeting!

CUMeeting is a powerful web conferencing solution that lets you share your screen and files with up to 16 people around the world. Best of all, with CUMeeting, you’re not just limited to desktop or laptop computers, since the program also supports iPads, iPhones, and Android devices, all in glorious 720p/1080p resolution! Everything you need to do and share is right here in CUMeeting, including the ability to view applications and files, send files from presenter to participants, and play a variety of audio and video file formats.

Beyond just screen and application sharing, CUMeeting also includes a powerful Whiteboard feature that lets you add annotations to the screen and highlight specific content, boosting the ability to collaborate with others, explain ideas, and come up with innovative solutions as a team. You can even use CUMeeting to capture an entire meeting as a WMV or ASF file so that anyone can view it, anywhere, at any time!

After you purchase CUMeeting, it may be used for 12 months.

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