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CyberKiko DeleteMe – temporary directory cleaner for PC – 100% Off

On Monday 14 Oct PST you can get CyberKiko DeleteMe – temporary directory cleaner at a reduced price.

Our price: $0
List price: $1.95
You save: 100%

There’s a really reliable way to tell whether a file on your computer is really necessary – if you haven’t changed it for a while, it’s probably something you don’t even remember you had! This is the basis for the success of today’s discount software promotion, CyberKiko DeleteMe!

CyberKiko DeleteMe is an easy way to clean up temporary files, by removing files that have remained unchanged for a specified period of time. With CyberKiko DeleteMe, you’ll be able to track and clean an unlimited number of folders, from temp directories to log files and more. What’s more, you’ll be able to invoke CyberKiko DeleteMe from various schedulers and batch files, making it easy to incorporate the program into your regular system maintenance workflow.

Just imagine all of the free disk space you’ll have once you have CyberKiko DeleteMe sweep your drive for unnecessary files! So grab a copy of this amazing application today and start making some room!

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