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DeepTrawl v4 for Mac & PC – 50% Off

On Wednesday 15 Jan PST you can get DeepTrawl v4 at a reduced price.

Our price: $74.50
List price: $149.00
You save: 50%

Check it out folks, the brand new DeepTrawl v4 is hot off the presses! It’s the biggest, most comprehensive update yet. Check out just a few of the powerful new included features:

  • HTML 5 Validator: The best HTML 5 validation available, sourced from the W3C!
  • CSS Validator: Validates inline, internal, and external stylesheets.
  • Keyword SEO: DeepTrawl now includes a stunningly simple and powerful keyword optimizer.
  • Enhanced HTML Export: All images are inlined automatically for easy sharing.
  • Check Dependencies: DeepTrawl now checks many more types of links & images.
  • Improved Filters: Hide everything when filtering for specific errors.
  • Check Analytics Code: Including Google Analytics, Clicky, Site Catalyst, and Coremetrics.
  • And much, much, MUCH more!

“DeepTrawl is astoundingly simple to use. Type in the URL of the site you wish to trawl, and click the big green arrow. Simple, fast, and thorough, DeepTrawl is a powerful tool.” — PC World

Typically, Internet surfers spend just a few seconds on any page before deciding whether to stay or leave. DeepTrawl pinpoints problems with your websites that, if left undetected, could drive customers elsewhere.

With DeepTrawl, you don’t have to hire a web developer to ensure that your website is of the highest quality. The program has a built-in web page analyzer that identifies problems and explains exactly how to fix them. Getting started is easy. Simply identify your home page (or any other page), and let DeepTrawl get to work!

Let’s face it, keeping your website error-free can be an extremely laborious process. Broken link, spelling errors, HTML validation errors… dozens of potential gremlins looking just over the horizon. But now you can forget about them! With a single-click, DeepTrawl takes out the the guess-work and gives you back your Sunday afternoons!

Best of all, DeepTrawl works with any kind of website, even those created using Dreamweaver and Frontpage!

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