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We like Nougata’s chances, but Quintupla’s got the personality.

Who Wants to Marry a Desktop? highlights from Week 8.

Quintupla and Desktop go skydiving!

“I was terrified,” Quintupla told her JournalCam the night after the jump. “Desktop was so quiet and, like, stolid about the whole thing. So seeing Desktop all calm on the plane, I knew that it would be alright. It was so romantic.”

Desktop was tossed from the aircraft and romantically shattered upon impact.

“Desktop is amazing. Such a romantic.”

But watch out, Quintupla! Don’t forget Colada is still in the game, and she’s not ready to give up yet!

“We went on a really romantic boat ride for our one-on-one date,” Colada shared with her JournalCam. “Desktop didn’t say much, but, you know, I feel like there’s so much going on inside. That’s what really matters.”

The boat pulled into a romantic grotto. Colada leapt into the warm water and invited Desktop to join her. Will Desktop take the plunge?

“So, okay, I wanted Desktop to know that I can be assertive. And I thought it would be romantic and fun to pull Desktop into the water … “

Desktop was immersed and ruined in the grotto’s lapping saltwater. Later, a grouper ate the keyboard.

“I totally showed Desktop who was in control today!” Colada giggled, “I am such a flirt!

Colada may have been steering the ship during her date with Desktop, but can she beat Nougata when it comes to … romance?

“I’m playing to win,” Nougata told her JournalCam.

Things turned pretty steamy when she and Desktop got a little quiet time in a romantic sauna.

“Look, I’m proud of my curves. So, yeah, hello, of course I took my towel off.”

How did Desktop react?

“Dead silent. He was at a loss for words! So, you know, I thought I’d help him along. I pulled his towel off, too!”

Desktop fell onto the hot rocks and somehow caught fire.

“Desktop is totally romantic. So hot!”

Tune in to Week 9 for another episode packed with romance, desperation and hopeless banality. It’s Who Wants to Marry a Desktop!

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