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Duplicate File Detective 5.0 for PC – 50% Off

On Saturday 21 Dec PST you can get Duplicate File Detective 5.0 at a reduced price.

Our price: $20
List price: $40.00
You save: 50%

Before you drop some valuable dollars on a larger hard drive, have you ever
stopped to consider how much of your disk space is taken up by duplicate
files? That’s the thing about duplicate files – most times, you aren’t
even aware of their existence! Sometimes entire directories get duplicated
when you accidentally execute a copy operation when you intended to move
the files. Other times, you’ll download files into different directories,
or updated software versions change where their configuration files are
stored, without deleting the old ones. No matter what the cause, you can
be certain that Duplicate File Detective will root out all of your
duplicate files quickly and easily!

Duplicate File Detective is a brilliant piece of file management software
that identifies all of the duplicate files across multiple directories,
drives, even network shares, and lets you move, compress, or delete them in
a snap. You’ll instantly experience increased system and application
performance when you give your computer lots of elbow room to move! And
with native 64-bit support, you never have to worry about having too many
duplicate files in too many locations, because Duplicate File Detective
will handle it all with ease. A sleek and intuitive interface gives you
the power to customize your Duplicate File Detective experience! Dock
panels wherever you like, set the program to auto-hide, or close panels
entirely – it’s all up to you.

Have you been burned by other duplicate file managers that deleted songs
that weren’t actually duplicates? Duplicate File Detective has advanced
support for duplicate song detection, comparing audio tags, bit rates,
duration, and so much more – virtually ensuring that if a song is marked as
a duplicate, it is TRULY a duplicate. The program even has the ability to
peek inside of ZIP archives to ensure that duplicate ZIP files aren’t
missed, even if they have different header values! Best of all, new hash
value storage means even quicker duplicate detection in future sessions!

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