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Gladiator Wall Solutions Pack

Organize to the Death!

Sensible solutions for your average, everyday suburban killing machine.

Your name is Stabbius Maximus (though your wife just calls you Steve). You are a mighty weekend warrior, the mightiest of all your LARPing pals, in fact. You finish your enemies like a fat kid finishes a 70-ounce Slurpee. Swiftly and with Kool-Aid-Red stains all over your face and shirt.

When you come home from a long, hard day of slaying the weak, you need a place to hang your galea, galerus, gladius, manicae, scutum and sica. And with eight 32-inch pieces of Gear Track channel providing over 21 feet of heavy-duty welded steel construction wall storage space, there’s a place for every hasta, and every hasta in its place.

Your subligaculum, though. That gets laundered and hung to dry in the closet. You’re a gladiator, not an animal, after all.

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