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HP 15.6" Full HD i7 TouchSmart Ultrabook


Your screen is HAUNTED! 

They say a Spectre haunts this site, a ghastly Spectre… with a touch-screen and a hard drive. And if you’re like, “That doesn’t sound like a ghost. It sounds like a computer,” well, then welcome to the twenty-first century, buddy. Ghosts aren’t white sheets anymore. They adapt to the ever-changing world as much as anything, you know?

Anyway, they say a Spectre haunts this site, creeping onto the page and scaring Wooters who came here not expecting a Windows 8 laptop since we just sold one yesterday. That’s the thing about the Spectre. It strikes when no one is expecting it!

They say that the only way to exorcise a Spectre is to buy one. Or more than one. I know that sounds pretty self-serving, but look, we’re just telling you what we heard, okay? Don’t shoot the messenger here. We’re just trying to help you exorcise this Spectre. We’re the good guys. 

Anyway, spend some friggin’ money… er… I mean, exorcise a ghost! 

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