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HP ENVY 15.6" [$379.99]

HP is living proof that big things can start in small places. HP began inside of a small garage in Palo Alto, and today they’re the world’s leading PC manufacturer. You can start your own big things in any small place with this HP ENVY notebook. Whether it’s schoolwork, presentations, web design, or laying the foundation for the next big corporation, you can do it all on this powerful and stylish notebook.

This stylish notebook houses potent hardware within its sleek brushed black aluminum case. It all begins with the AMD quad-core processor. You’ll have plenty of power to run and create demanding software and media with this powerful processor. It offers a four core design with base speeds of 1.9GHz that can dynamically boost their speed up to 2.8GHz.

The 15.6” HD BrightView LED-backlit display will provide a crisp picture for your work, and you can out to a larger external monitor for presentations, movies, gaming, and more through the HDMI or VGA outputs. The 8GB DDR3 SDRAM will give you plenty of multitasking power for tackling any task, and the 750GB hard drive provides tons of storage space for your media, applications, and other files. AMD Radeon graphics provide powerful graphics processing for graphic design, rendering video, or gaming

The integrated Beats Audio quad speaker and subwoofer design provides stunning audio, and is further proof that big things can come out of small packages. The full-sized keyboard with number pad and touchpad provide comfortable and easy to read inputs that work great under any conditions.

Why wait any longer to start developing the next big thing? Take your home or office to the next level with this HP ENVY notebook and start creating big things today.

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