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Kalorik Rotisserie [$74.99]

Established in 1930 as one of Europe’s first manufacturers of small electric appliances, Kalorik has since become synonymous with fine engineering and unique product development. Today, Kalorik is a second-generation industry leader with offices in the U.K., Germany, and Switzerland. Kalorik’s passion to create superior products is the guiding force in their commitment to meticulous attention to detail, maintaining cutting edge manufacturing facilities, and constant innovation. It is this careful balance, combined with Kalorik’s experience and traditional values, that has led to the company’s worldwide success.

This innovatively designed Kalorik rotisserie roasts from the inside out and the outside in, creating juicy, tender, and healthier food – it drains away unwanted fat and grease into a drip tray. Unlike traditional rotisseries which rotate the food in front of the heating elements, this one rotates the heat around and through the food, delivering perfect results every time. Poultry and meat settings automatically adjust the heat for optimal results, so you can have it well done, medium, or rare!

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