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Mac WebsiteCreator for Mac – 62% Off

On Friday 13 Sep PST you can get Mac WebsiteCreator at a reduced price.

Our price: $49.99
List price: $129.99
You save: 62%

You want to create a killer website, but you lack the funds to hire a web developer, and you certainly don’t have the technical know-how to do it yourself. Or do you? You just may surprise yourself, with a copy of today’s discount software promotion, Mac WebsiteCreator!

Mac WebsiteCreator lets you create and publish your own professional website using your Mac. With Mac WebsiteCreator, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the latest features in HTML5 to create amazing websites from scratch. You’ll also be able to implement features in standard HTML, Ruby, PHP, JSP, and a variety of other methods. Thanks to an amazing WYSIWYG engine, you’ll be able to use Mac WebsiteCreator to drag and drop objects onto your website design and it’ll look exactly the same when you publish it. Want to hand code? You can do that, too!

And speaking of publishing your website, you won’t need to fire up another app when it comes time to unleash your site on the world! Mac WebsiteCreator comes with an FTP client built in, along with bonus features that include image maps, CSS gradients, autocomplete, and an Inspector to make sure everything is in order!

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