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Music Monday: Trippy Narrator Rock

Happy Music Monday! Sometimes there are songs so weird and trippy that a human being can’t possibly make the journey through them alone. Today Scott’s the narrator on a voyage through the crazy world of… NARRATOR ROCK!

Lothar And The Hand People – Space Hymn


Starts like an ’80s video game, ends like a conversation with a first year philosophy student. Lothar takes you from your natural state of consciousness into a- well, hypnotic state isn’t exactly the right word, but it’s close enough for our purposes, right? Let yourself ascend into the heights of joy that Lothar knows you can reach. Follow Lothar. Lothar knows the path.

Follow us into the dawn, for we shall lead you into the space that exists after this one. Which is a trippy way of saying “See you after the jump?”

Rosko/Pete Hamill – Hardhats and Cops


When you think of stereotypical 1960s beatnik information, you think of – which instrument? – the flute. So it goes without saying that the lovely voice of New York DJ Rosko just isn’t complete until there’s some twiddly flautist laying cool jazz opinions on the social injustices of the day. One might be reminded of that scene in Anchorman if that narrator wasn’t there to keep one socially correct.

The Zodiac – Cosmic Sounds


Like some mix between Jesus Christ Superstar and your kid brother’s Halloween record, this narrator doesn’t show up until like two minutes in. But this horoscopial treasure is probably still much loved by any DJ who manages to find a copy. Is it in your future? Listen and maybe you’ll find out!

The Barbarians – Moulty


With the charm of a drunk at the end of the bar, this narrator encourages you to step out and follow your dreams, and also kinda rips off The Troggs at the same time. What’s he talking about? Why, it’s the drummer’s biography! He’s talking real talk, people. He’s telling the TRUTH.

The Doors – The End


Nothing to add here. Jim Morrison’s been roasted, parodied, embraced, deified and reviled, but it just plain doesn’t get more Doorsy than this. The horror. The horror. And also the organ.

Throw some of your favorite trippy narrator songs into the comments and see what it gets ya. Also Let us just remind you: some images come from the corresponding Wikipedia page and are here under fair use. See you next week.

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