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MyInfo for PC – 51% Off

On Thursday 19 Dec PST you can get MyInfo at a reduced price.

Our price: $24.48
List price: $49.95
You save: 51%

There’s a guy here in the office whose entire cubicle – desk, monitor, cabinets, every conceivable surface – is completely covered in yellow Post-It notes. Each one of those notes has some bit of important information scribbled on it, and I’m really not sure if there’s a method to his madness.

MyInfo is like a vacuum for all of those bits of information that you need to keep at hand. Capturing info snippets is easy as pie, whether it be from a Word documents, CSV table, or just about anywhere on the Internet. You can open Outlook messages from directly within MyInfo, and even capture entire web pages for offline review!

Items that you capture in MyInfo are easily integrated into the program by dragging and dropping text, pictures, links, files, and mail messages into the Tree Editor. MyInfo’s Tree Editor instantly creates the appropriate document type for the imported data, and you have the ability to drag and drop documents in the tree to reorder them. Use MyInfo’s fully featured text editor to format your data for a consistent, professional look and feel.

What good would a personal organizer be if it didn’t organize? MyInfo gives you lots of ways to arrange, prioritize, sort, and filter your data using tags, customized attributes, bookmarks, a handy calendar view, plus the ability to insert tasks into MyInfo with priority and due dates! Working with multiple files is a breeze using the familiar tab-based interface.

MyInfo comes chock-full of ways to share and export your information easily. Export documents as web pages, hierarchical folders, and spreadsheet files, or create links to topics and documents within MyInfo and place quick-open shortcuts on your computer’s desktop!

Today’s promotion is for both MyInfo Standard and MyInfo Professional. Check out some of the additional Pro features below or take a look at the MyInfo version comparison matrix.

  • Now you can hoist your documents, so only the hoisted documents and its children are visible in the tree.
  • Topic workplaces now allow you to work easily with sets of topics.
  • Global find and replace in the entire topic (searches and replaces text in all documents).
  • Now includes a word count dialog.
  • Portable! Install and run MyInfo Professional on a USB/flash drive.
  • Utilize AES256 encryption.
  • Export MyInfo data as a website or CSV spreadsheet.

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