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Neato XV Signature Pro Robotic Vacuum

History is Neato

As descended from a long line of Neatos.

Because this Pro Robotic Vacuum is named after Neato XV, we wanted to take a moment to give you a brief history on the Neato family tree so that you can learn more about this vacuum’s namesake.

Neato I: The original Neato. The one who started it all (with his wife Neatlia, of course).

Neato II: Neato I’s son. He built the Neato castle and brought in villagers from all over the land.

Neato III: He conquered several acres of neighboring land, establishing a true Neato kingdom.

Neato IV: A bumbling fool, this guy almost lost everything the previous Neato had built. Most historians consider his biggest accomplishment to be not being a complete failure.

Neato V: Turned things around after the Neato IV debacle. Also designed the family crest.

Neato VI: Lived to an old age and ruled the Neato kingdom for nearly 80 years. Not much happened during that time, surprisingly. There was this one time a chicken escaped from the coop, but that’s about it.

Neato VII: Most of his life was spent waiting for Neato VI to no longer be king, and by the time that happened, he was already an old man. He was king for two weeks.

Neato VIII: The biggest Neato. Loved eating chicken.

Neato IX: History says he was “Always fair and absolutely never committed dozens of shameful atrocities.”

Neato X: Moved the kingdom to an island in the tropics just because he wanted to learn how to surf.

Neato XI: Moved the kingdom back to its original location because he didn’t like seafood.

Neato XII: Established the family’s first constitution, but then all was ruined when he accidentally spilled ink on it.

Neato XIII: Started the Neato downfall. Lost the family fortune gambling on what Neatskatawney Nick, the resident groundhog, would do when it saw its shadow.

Neato XIV: Tried to rebuild the Neato family empire. Worked as a clerk at a shoe store, saved up coupons, married a nice wife, and had a kid.

Neato XV: Vacuum salesman.

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