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Nitro Pro 9 for PC – 40% Off

On Friday 29 Nov PST you can get Nitro Pro 9 at a reduced price.

Our price: $84
List price: $139.99
You save: 40%

If you do a lot of work with PDF files, you probably have already mastered what Adobe Acrobat has to offer. Or maybe you wish you could master Acrobat, but just can’t find it in the budget to blow the big bucks on one piece of software. Well, today’s discount software promotion is designed to let you do wonders with PDF, at far less cost – it’s Nitro Pro 9!

Nitro Pro 9 lets you create, edit, and combine PDF files that can be opened and viewed with Adobe Acrobat and other popular PDF readers. With Nitro Pro 9, you’ll be able to transform loose collections of files into a single, organized, and searchable PDF file that will make your workflow a billion times easier and more productive! And when it comes to making PDFs from existing documents, Nitro Pro 9 makes it simple to convert files from any application that can print, or just scan directly from hardcopy into PDF format. What’s more, you can also fill in, save, and submit any PDF form, or create your own custom PDF forms in Nitro Pro 9.

What else can you do with Nitro Pro 9? How about inserting logos, bookmarks, watermarks, and graphics throughout your PDF documents with just a single task? Add and remove Bates numbers? You can even scan hardcopy documents in multiple languages and Nitro Pro 9 will produce a searchable, editable electronic document for you!

And for those of you who are die-hard MS Office users, there is much rejoicing to be had with Nitro Pro 9, since the application also seamlessly converts PDF files into editable Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, without losing any of the original fonts, images, or formatting!

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