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Onkyo 2.1CH Bluetooth Speaker System

Now That Dimension It

2.1 channels and everything’s on!

Ooh, an “immersive 3D soundfield”! Sounds exciting! I bet it’s like a big neon grid like in Tron except the sounds are COMING AT YOU!

Well, no. It actually just means that these little Onkyo home theater speakers provide much fuller, more directional sound than you’d expect given their size. And that’s on top of the wireless convenience of Bluetooth, and the easy-to-use responsiveness to your TV remote. No crazy sci-fi wonderland here – just a solid set of home theater speakers that (almost literally) punch above their weight for music, games, and movies.

Hey, you know what would make a great movie? Something about an immersive 3D soundfield. Whatever that is.

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