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Pacific Image Memor-Ease [$49.99]

Hiding someone in your attic, closet, under your bed, or in your desk you have a lifetime’s worth of memories stashed away in 35mm film and slides, and 120mm film. You can convert all those memories into digital backups that can be shared with friends and family across the world with this Pacific Image Memor-ease ST Film Scanner.

This film scanner is compatible with your Mac OS X or Windows PC, and interfaces via a USB 2.0 cable. You can also store images on an up to 32GB SD card for easy transferring between devices. Real-time previewing lets you view you images as they scan on the scanner’s 2.7” LCD screen, and Magic Touch technology lets you remove dust and scratches from worn out films. You can convert you film into JPEG images at up to nine megapixels (2200dpi).

Treat yourself to this scanner to give your old memories new life.

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