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ProForm GT Indoor Cycle

Cycle Of Life

Don’t talk to me. I’m cycling.

We know what motivates you as a cyclist; what gets you out of bed at 5am on a Saturday; what drives you to PR one more time. It’s not the way it makes your legs look or the thrill of victory at the end of the race: It’s about getting out of the house and all the people in it for just a few hours.

That’s why the ProForm GT Indoor Cycle is the trainer of choice for the cyclist who want to avoid their family life for a couple precious hours. Even when the weather won’t let you get out and ride for real, the iFit Live technology of the ProForm (powered by Google Maps) lets you experience that unparalleled feeling of solitude from inside your own house.

You’ll be so lost in your dynamic workout as the iFit Live workouts simulate terrain and automatically adjust the bike’s gears that you won’t even think about all the mundane tasks that weigh you down every day like a lead vest. No other cycle trainer parallels the real experience of escapism that turned you on to the sport in the first place.

So stop whining about the rain and let the ProForm GT Indoor Cycle revolutionize the way you run away from it all.

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