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Right Click Enhancer Professional for PC – 40% Off

On Thursday 6 Feb PST you can get Right Click Enhancer Professional at a reduced price.

Our price: $5.99
List price: $9.99
You save: 40%

Honestly, the right click button on your mouse is the unsung hero of navigation, but very few people actually use it for anything other than stealing images off of the Internet. Today’s discount software promotion makes it easy and enjoyable to use your right-click, and downright useful, too! It’s Right Click Enhancer Professional!

Right Click Enhancer Professional lets you add applications, files, and folder shortcuts to your right click context menus, leading to a cleaner desktop and faster access to things you need the most. With Right Click Enhancer Professional, you’ll be able to create sub-menus to add even more items without making things look cluttered or messy. Do you like to run your programs with certain parameters? Just use Right Click Enhancer Professional to add command line arguments and go about your business as usual!

It’s not all about files and applications, either! Right Click Enhancer Professional lets you add common tasks like Copy, Past, Move, and Rename to your right click menus! Adding it all together, you’re looking at hours and hours of gained productivity thanks to these innovative shortcuts.

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