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Ruby Programming for Beginners for Mac & PC – 71% Off

On Thursday 6 Feb PST you can get Ruby Programming for Beginners at a reduced price.

Our price: $29
List price: $99.00
You save: 71%

Programming in Ruby opens up a whole world of possibilities, but in order to take full advantage of the power and flexibility of the Ruby language, you need to focus on more than the new, hot features. Today’s discounted course offer is designed to give you full access to everything that Ruby has to offer, empowering you to write clear, maintainable code! It’s called Ruby Programming for Beginners, and you’re going to want it if you’re serious about Ruby!

Ruby Programming for Beginners teaches you how to code in just ten easy steps! With Ruby Programming for Beginners, you get to jump right in with both feet, achieving productivity with your code while other courses are still boring their students with straight theory! Ideal for newbie programmers as well as coding veterans eager to learn a new language, Ruby Programming for Beginners is the perfect way to make yourself more qualified to join highly successful companies like Amazon, Twitter, Yahoo, and the New York Times!

What do you get with Ruby Programming for Beginners? How about 27 video lectures, a free eBook, downloadable source code and test files, and extra bonus videos? Put it all together, and you’ll soon become the master of Strings and Methods, Classes and Objects, Class Hierarchies, Hashes, Loops and Iterators, Conditional Statements, and so much more!

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