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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" w/ Book Cover

Temporal Teasing

Moore’s Law says that the further you go into the past, the more people will be impressed by your tablet computer! Or something like that.

“Ack, the telemetry is correct! The power of HUGEIVAC, the computer the size of a bus, has proven it! There is a time traveler about to appear in this very spot! What will he teach me about computing, I wonder?”


Whoa! The dawn of the computer era! What’s up, VonFifties!

“Ack! He knows me! I’m famous! HUGEIVAC is still revered in the future!”

Well, um… sorta. Here. Take a look at my Samsung Galaxy Note right here.

“That tiny rectangle? What is that next to HUGEIVAC! Why, HUGEIVAC has all the newspapers that came out today, saved on this magnetic tape!”

Yeah, well, my Galaxy Note has access to tons of books, thanks to this cool app. See? And I can take notes directly on the e-books as I read them. Pretty efficient to haul around a small library under my arm.

“But… my HUGEIVAC has the ability to draw small images if I type in a bunch of numbers I read from a magazine!”

Oh, nice. My Galaxy Note has this Revolutionary S Pen so I can draw, edit photos, and take handwritten notes. See?

“Wha- but HUGEIVAC has two different fonts in its punchcard memory, one of which looks like cursive!”

Nice! But my Samsung Galaxy Note has a microSDHC slot, blazing quad-core speed, and it handles my own handwriting!

“HUGEIVAC has 64k of memory, expanadable to 128k.”

Yeah, um, mine comes with 16 gigs and the microSDHC slot accepts up to 32 gigs. Just saying.

“Ack, GIGS? I have to sit down.”

Yeah, well, I don’t blame you. The Samsung Galaxy Note is pretty freakin’ cool. Even comes with a snazzy Book Cover Stand Case!


A Book Cover Stand Case? How quaint! In my future, I use quantum probability to keep my Samsung Intergalactical XXIV safe and clean.

“Ack! Another time traveller! One who’s better than you!”

Hey, buzz off, future boy. I’m workin’ this side of the street.


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