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SeaGreen for Mac & PC – 75% Off

On Sunday 29 Dec PST you can get SeaGreen at a reduced price.

Our price: $37.25
List price: $149.00
You save: 75%

If you’ve ever tried to program a form in HTML from scratch, you know that it can be time-consuming and tedious. Now, using technology developed by SeaGreen Software, there’s no need to code web forms by hand ever again!

SeaGreen does all of the work for you – simply design your form and SeaGreen automatically creates the MySQL databases, and administration modules – without any programming – and it lets you publish forms to your website with just a few simple clicks. Handy wizards hold your hand and guide you through the process of integrating your form into your existing website. You can also use SeaGreen to produce standalone web forms on their own pages.

Once your web form is up and running, you’ll receive email notifications every time someone enters information into your form. You can also send a copy to the person that filled in the form! And, as an added benefit, SeaGreen features Spam Control, assuring that the only data you receive will be good, clean, and valid!

With SeaGreen, you’ll always have control over your data. Everything that is collected by your web form is stored in your own database, located on your own web server. SeaGreen even lets you design the database administration module that you’ll use to query your database! And, of course, you’ll always be able to sort your data and export it to a CSV format file for use in other applications.

Please note folks, today’s promotion is also available for Mac. Here’s a link to the OS X trial download.

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