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SecureSend for Mac – 40% Off

On Monday 27 Jan PST you can get SecureSend at a reduced price.

Our price: $5.99
List price: $9.99
You save: 40%

Do you break into a cold sweat every time you send super-sensitive, highly-critical information in an email or instant message? With the way the Internet works, your message can bounce across dozens of servers before reaching its destination, and who knows how secure they are? With today’s discount software promotion, SecureSend, you can immerse yourself in reassurance and security!

SecureSend securely and irreversibly encrypts your information, safeguarding it against hacking and interception with military-grade algorithms. With SecureSend, your confidential data is encrypted with a secret password and converted to useless streams of garbage. Using AES encryption, or your choice of multiple proprietary algorithms and methods, SecureSend works to secure your data so that it can be safely sent over the Internet. Only you and the recipient will know the password!

Think about it – with SecureSend, you can send anything online without worry that it could be compromised! Credit card info, social security numbers, you name it. You could even broadcast the encrypted text across social media and no one would be able to figure it out! And since the encrypted file is just text, you can copy and paste it into any email, instant message, or other format with ease.

SecureSend Transporter is the vendor’s free, proprietary method of sending encrypted messages across the Internet, all without having to leave the SecureSend app! Without having to email or otherwise manually send anything, SecureSend Transporter will send your encrypted message for free straight to another user, allowing them to receive and decrypt it instantly. Sending and receiving messages with SecureSend Transporter occurs from a tab in the SecureSend client, and notifications of messages are delivered the minute you hit “send”. To send a message on SecureSend Transporter, use the “Result” menu after you have encrypted some text in SecureSend. There is no cost to using SecureSend Transporter.

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