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SensorLOFT® Plush Fiber Topper- 4 Sizes

Topper The Evening To You

The soft, pillowy icing on your sleepcake.

Why do heads get all the good stuff? Helmets. Headrests. And most of all, pillows. The rest of the body has to struggle against the unforgiving springs of the mattress while the pwecious widdle head is coddled on a pillow? It’s an outrage!

This SensorLOFT Premium Plush Fiber Topper says “No more.” Its Soloft Fiber Fill extends the pillow dynamic to your entire body for a luxe laying-down experience unmatched since the opium dens of the Imperial Orient (opium sold separately).

And to those who say the head deserves special treatment because it holds so-called essential organs like “the eyes” and “the brain”, try living without a heart or lungs and see how well you sleep then.

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