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SmartEdit for PC – 67% Off

On Wednesday 27 Nov PST you can get SmartEdit at a reduced price.

Our price: $19
List price: $57.00
You save: 67%

So you’ve finally cranked out the first draft of your novel or short story – months and months of hard work have finally paid off, but you’re afraid to let anyone see it! Many words and sentences were cranked out late at night, and you’re worried that stupid mistakes may have crept in here, there, and everywhere. Time to make a first pass at editing, but make it easier on yourself with a copy of today’s discount software promotion, SmartEdit!

SmartEdit is a first-pass editing tool that helps you to edit your work by highlighting up to 20 areas that may need improvement. With SmartEdit, you’ll be able to detect whether you’ve overused a word or phrase, gone too far with adverbs, or mistakenly used a common misspelling. What’s more, SmartEdit is also smart enough to examine sentence structures for length, possibly incorrect punctuation, or inconsistent use of quotation marks.

Now mind you, SmartEdit is not going to make your work better from a content perspective. That’s entirely up to you! But what SmartEdit can do is to make you more critical of your work from a technical viewpoint, giving you the ability to make the entire document stronger, more professional, and ready for review by a real-world editor!

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