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Smartpixel Camera 6-months VIP member for PC – 100% Off

On Monday 26 Aug PST you can get Smartpixel Camera 6-months VIP member at a reduced price.

Our price: $0
List price: $6.90
You save: 100%

Do you want to capture a screen, or record yourself on your webcam for the world to see? Want to take advantage of high definition without breaking the bank? If this describes you perfectly, you need to check out today’s discount software promotion, Smartpixel Camera !

Smartpixel Camera is an innovative screen and video capture package that lets you create professional, high quality presentations in minutes. With Smartpixel Camera , you’ll be able to record screens of your favorite applications and games, record using your Webcam, and capture Picture-in-Picture recording easily. Best of all, it all gets stored in 720p resolution.

If you want to become a webcam star singing your favorite tunes, you’ll appreciate the ability to use Smartpixel Camera to strip out vocals, letting you take over lead microphone duties. And it does all of this with less CPU consumption and lower disk space usage than other similar applications!

As a VIP member, you’ll get to use Smartpixel Camera for a full 6 months without any restrictions on the length of recordings (capped at 10 minutes for non-VIP users!) and without any watermarks!

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