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Sohodox for PC – 55% Off

On Tuesday 10 Sep PST you can get Sohodox at a reduced price.

Our price: $89.55
List price: $199.00
You save: 55%

Face it, you’re a small business owner who needs to drive revenue while keeping expenses low. That means you don’t have an administrative assistant who can fetch important files and documents whenever you beckon! Still, you need a document management solution that’s easy to get set up and running, one that delivers an easy way to search and retrieve documents on demand. In other words, you need today’s discount software promotion for Windows – Sohodox!

Sohodox is a superb document management system that lets you create a centralized, searchable database of your documents. With Sohodox, you’re able to mark certain documents as private, or share documents of your choosing with other Sohodox users on your LAN. Plus, Sohodox is capable of managing a full spectrum of documents, including Word, Excel, PDF files, TIFF and JPEG images, and a range of other file formats. For any of your files, Sohodox offers a powerful search engine that can give you quick results, advanced search filtering, and full text search that incorporates OCR for the best, most accurate results. There’s no need to manually scan documents!

If most of your business life is spent in email, you’ll love the ability to use Sohodox to archive emails. Even when using multiple accounts, Sohodox can fetch emails and store them all for you in one location, making finding and pulling important email messages a quick and easy process. No matter what industry you’re in, whether it’s law or real estate or any business that requires precise control over your document management, you won’t find a better system than Sohodox!

Please note folks, after you purchase your Sohodox license key will be emailed within 24 hours.

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