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Start Menu X for PC – 70% Off

On Wednesday 23 Oct PST you can get Start Menu X at a reduced price.

Our price: $6
List price: $19.99
You save: 70%

Sure, the system menu works just fine – for most people! But for hardcore professionals and power users, it can be maddening navigating through traditional menus to get to your hundreds of programs and applications. Time to level up to today’s discount software promotion, Start Menu X!

Start Menu X lets you launch programs without scrolling, clicking, or jumping through menu hoops. With Start Menu X, you can group programs based on their purpose, such as office applications and graphics programs, without needing to change their locations on your hard drive.

You can even use Start Menu X to assign a primary program to a folder that launches automatically when you click it. Plus, Start Menu X is fully customizable, allowing you to change the structure and add tabs so that it suits your needs.

Check it out folks! Start Menu X will return the Start Menu and Start Button to Windows 8.1, but that’s not all. It also works great in Windows 7!

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