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StockSpy for Mac & PC – 90% Off

On Wednesday 25 Sep PST you can get StockSpy at a reduced price.

Our price: $19.90
List price: $199.00
You save: 90%

Information is power, but in today’s digital age, it’s almost impossible to keep up with the overwhelming and constant stream of information, much of which may have little or no effect on you. Nowhere is the right information more critical than in the volatile environment of the stock market, where just the tiniest bit of information can net you huge gains – if you act quickly on it! Today’s discount software promotion, StockSpy, is designed to unleash the hidden potential behind news tracking!

StockSpy is an investor tool that lets you capture and filter stock news, enabling you to make smart investment decisions faster, based on the latest information. With StockSpy, you’re not making blind choices based on rumors that may not pan out. Instead, StockSpy compiles multiple news sources and sorts them by stock symbol, associating news events with stock charts to let you visualize the impact of each bit of news on share prices.

How often have you missed a profit or gotten burned by bad news that hit one of your stocks, because you didn’t hear about it until it was too late? Those days are over with StockSpy! Desktop alerts are triggered whenever news about one of your tracked stocks hits, letting you act on positive or negative information immediately.

Here’s the best part about StockSpy – in addition to all of the mainstream media outlets, you can also set up custom RSS feeds that you can filter and use to build an underground news network, letting you get the drop on breaking information as it develops and before it hits the major news outlets!

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