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Streaming Media Player [$49.99]

Bring a world of endless HD content to your TV with this Hisense Pulse HD Streaming Media Player.

Not only does the Pulse come with apps preinstalled for many popular services like Netflix, YouTube, and Pandora, it also features Google TV, allowing you to browse the web, organize, discover and search endless amounts of content.

Gx1200v-thumb_16302_0_10153_0_28554_0 Gx1200v-main_16302_0_10153_0_28554_0 Gx1200v-2nd_16302_0_10153_0_28554_0 Gx1200v-3rd_16302_0_10153_0_28554_0 Gx1200v-4th_16302_0_10153_0_28554_0 Gx1200v-5th_16302_0_10153_0_28554_0 Hisense-home_16302_0_10153_0_28554_0 Hisense-home_16302_0_10153_0_28554_0 Hisense-main_16302_0_10153_0_28554_0

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