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Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Coats – 2 Styles


Look stylish! Keep warm! Flap like a bat! Make pterodactyl noises at your friends and laugh! That’s what a fine coat can do for you!

In the golden age of manliness, men had no need for coats. They walked bare-chested into the storm and yelled FIGHT ME, GOD OF LIGHTNING into the harsh ice hurricanes that ravaged the dragon-filled seas. But today, men break into “feels” when they hear a TV show might be delayed a few weeks. So that’s why the men of today need coats.

In fact, right now, someone is reading this and whispering What show what show I must know I HAVE TO KNOW IF ONE OF MY SHOWS WAS DELAYED like Gollum in the darkness. Sir, we beseech you, if these are your words, get yourself a Tommy Hilfiger Coat immediately! Because there’s still a lot of winter left and you might not be able to survive without something warm between you and the harsh, cruel world that means only to tear apart your specialness.

Also it looks pretty good, we gotta say. Stylish. Even with one of those horned helmets worn by bare-chested lightning-god-fighters.

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