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Ubercamp – 6 months license for Mac & PC – 50% Off

On Wednesday 19 Feb PST you can get Ubercamp – 6 months license at a reduced price.

Our price: $30
List price: $60.00
You save: 50%

As a project manager, you’re expected to be this omniscient being, continually aware of every team member’s exact status on his or her little piece of the pie. But one small screwup, one little detail that falls through the cracks, can mean serious delays to the project, a loss of reputation for the company, and quite possibly an adjustment to headcount that has your name all over it! Better get control over the situation with today’s discount software promotion, Ubercamp!

Ubercamp is a comprehensive task management app that lets you plan and execute project management functions in one online platform. With Ubercamp, you’ll be able to plan every phase of your project, complete with milestone tracking, instant online communications with team members, and unlimited storage for all of your project stuff! Need to manage multiple projects all at the same time? It’s easy if you’re using Ubercamp!

It’s true! All of your projects are easily accessible from a single, clutter-free online dashboard that’s available wherever you are. Best of all, Ubercamp doesn’t lock you into extensive contracts with ugly termination clauses. No sir, you pay as you go with Ubercamp, and you can cancel at any time and get your money back.

After you purchase Ubercamp – 6 months license, it may be used for 6 months.

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