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VaporX XRT Vaporizer [$49.99]

Add a little flavor to your smoke with the VaporX XRT Professional Dry Herb Vaporizer! This all-in-one vaporizer has a ceramic heating core to produce an evenly vaporized mist for you to enjoy. Plug the USB charger into any port to power up the CPU controlled li-ion battery.

Simply press the button to release a vapor with your choice of E-Liquid flavor. The locking feature ensures that the pen is secure until it is ready to be used. Available in three colors: black, gold or cigar (wood) with choice of cherry, vanilla, menthol or tobacco E- Liquid flavors.

Vaporx-xrt-thumb Vaporx-xrt-main Vaporx-xrt-2nd Vaporx-xrt-4th Vaporx-xrt-3rd-2 Vaporx-xrt-5th Vaporx-xrt-3rd Cartridges Vaporx-xrt-6th E-cig-main-2 E-cig-thumb E-cig-thumb

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