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Versatil-ID for PC – 80% Off

On Sunday 13 Oct PST you can get Versatil-ID at a reduced price.

Our price: $59
List price: $299.00
You save: 80%

As your business grows, it becomes critically important to control and log who accesses your facilities and when. You need a solution that’s flexible but still easy to use for reporting and database purposes. In other words, you need today’s discount software solution, Versatil-ID!

Versatil-ID is a reliable and innovative identification solution that’s fully customizable. With Versatil-ID, you’ll be able to take advantage of multiple identification modes and support for a broad array of database engines. Need to export visitor and employee data? It’s easy to do with Versatil-ID, plus you get the ability to design your own reports!

If all of this makes you nervous, don’t worry! Versatil-ID comes with video tutorials that will walk you through all of the steps needed to implement Versatil-ID as a standalone app or integrate it into your existing infrastructure. PIN, barcode, contactless card, and biometric fingerprints are all supported!

Please note folks: upgrades to future versions of the software and support will be free for one year if you sign up for the discounted maintenance plan. If you do not sign up for the discounted maintenance plan, then you can always purchase it later at the regular price.

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