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Vizio LED HDTV’s

Unfortunate Timing

It’s not the show’s fault that it’s getting canceled. The problem is that not enough people are watching it on a Vizio HDTV.

We genuinely feel bad for all of the television shows of the ’70s and ’80s that only made it one season. They were often outstanding productions, but they were never fully appreciated because they were actually meant to be seen in HDTV.

See, if back in the day people had had televisions like these Vizio LED HDTVs, then they would have been able to better appreciate the brilliance that was Tabitha and Manimal. Using high definition to see the intricate detail of each animal that Simon MacCorkindale’s Dr. Jonathan Chase turned into would’ve revealed the true mastery of the show, rather than send it packing after one season.

Even kids would’ve been able to better appreciate their offerings. Sectaurs? Totally a victim of not being on HDTV. We could only imagine the success it would’ve had had it been on the crystal-clear image of these Vizios.

Thinking back, it’s a real shame that televisions didn’t have the SRS StudioSound HD that these TVs do. With that, you would’ve been able to hear the impeccable timing between each joke and each dramatic pause on the quality shows of yesteryear. So, for the sake of the shows of today, buy one of these TVs so that you can fully appreciate the brilliance that graces our airwaves.

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