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Watership Planner for PC – 77% Off

On Monday 27 Jan PST you can get Watership Planner at a reduced price.

Our price: $49.95
List price: $219.95
You save: 77%

Folks, this is a very rare BDJ deal! Even after the success of the last Watership Planner promotion, it took over 5 years of regular emails to Mark before he agreed to re-promote it. In other words, don’t miss out on this one -> who knows when, or if, we’ll run it again!

Watership Planner is different.

We should know, after all, considering how many organizational and time-management applications we sift through every month in our constant search for the cream of the crop.

Most planner utilities are basically just glorified task-lists or calendars — really just digital substitutes for those re-fillable 3 ring binders of decades past. They’ll save you the cost of ink and paper refills, but not so much in terms of time and sanity.

Like we said, Watership Planner is different.

For starters, Watership Planner reorganizes itself — in real time — based on the continual interruptions, changing priorities, and estimation slips that we all encounter every single day. Other planners force you to tediously move and re-position tasks whenever your schedule changes.

Watership Planner allows you to designate lists of tasks that need to be accomplished and automatically keeps up with their progress. It lets you estimate, at a glance, when any given task will be finished, and provides an accurate scoreboard that updates itself with every second of your progress.

Rather than relying on simple to-do lists and calendars, Watership Planner allows you to build detailed plans for all of your major projects. You’ll know what you have to do each day to move your goal forward. Stop trying to keep track of inflexible paper based charts, and even better, stop trying to juggle all those myriad tasks in your tired, overworked head.

Watership Planner helps you understand exactly where your time is going and within weeks you will optimize your days and cut out unimportant, trivial tasks. Work less and at the same time have that work make a bigger impact? Now that’s different!

Please note folks: you can click here to take a tour of the product.

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