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Worx Electric Snow Thrower

Ready! Aim! Throw!

Why settle for just throwing a snowball?

So here’s the plan, boys. Mikey, Luis, you’re gonna go out front, scout the lines, see what they’ve got. Keep to the trees and stay low.

Ricky, Will, John, you’re gonna stay perched in the snow on the left bank. You’re wearing white, right? Great! You’ll need to blend in. When they make their approach, you’re gonna fire, hurling snowballs at them from their blind spot. They won’t expect a thing.

Then Max, you and Zach are gonna charge from the right. Keep that satchel of snowballs close. You won’t have time to reload at your proximity.

Meanwhile, Luke, Alex, and I will hunker down in the fort. For the few who’ve made it through to us, we’ll finish them off with the snowballs we’ve got here.

We good? I’m telling you, guys. I’m feeling good about this snow battle. We’ve been making ammo all day now, and they’re just arriving. There’s no way they can match us.

Vrrrm. Vrrrrrrrrm.

What’s that?


Oh no! They’ve got a Worx 18-Inch 13-Amp Electric Snow Thrower! We’re doomed!

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