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XMind Pro 2013 for Mac & PC – 64% Off

On Saturday 8 Feb PST you can get XMind Pro 2013 at a reduced price.

Our price: $99
List price: $276.00
You save: 64%

Please note folks, you will receive your XMind license information in the next couple of business days. Also, this offer is for 2 XMind Pro 2013 licenses including 2 years of upgrades.

Complex ideas require complex explanations — illustrations, details, tangential but essential strings of logic. Sometimes a slideshow just doesn’t cut it. You need flexibility, something more nuanced, more human. But you can’t make a presentation out of legal pads, post-it notes and bar napkins.

XMind Pro 2013 provides a slick, sophisticated and intelligently organized forum for you and your team to work together.

XMind Pro 2013 generates mind maps in a variety of structures: fishbone, linear, tree etc. so the information is organized in the most logical way — the way you thought of it. All subtopics can become the main topics of their own maps, allowing you to endlessly delve into the minutiae of a topic, while leaving a quick trail back to the main subject. XMind Pro 2013 lets you share maps with a group online, publicly or privately, and updates changes as needed.

Check out some of the mind maps created by other XMind users!

And when it’s finally time to present the ideas on the map, the XMind Pro 2013 one-click presentation mode will blow them away! XMind Pro 2013 walks through your mind map as you click, revealing one detail at a time, delving further into your subject, staying focused and centered in the screen.

No more getting everyone on the same page — now you can make sure that everyone is of the same mind.

Want to learn A LOT more? Check out the detailed feature list, any or all of the comprehensive video demos, or take a spin around an actual XMind Pro 2013 mind map.

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