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Yukon Outfitters Hammock – 3 Choices


Make sure you set it up at the right time.

Hey, honey, when’s your family getting here tomorrow? Oh man, at 4pm? Jeez, that’s so unfortunate. 4pm is when I’ve gotta set up my Yukon Outfitters Hammock. What poor timing! Jeez, it’s too bad I’m going to miss your family this year!

Yes, honey, I know it’s Thanksgiving, that’s why I feel so bad. But I really have to do this tomorrow. At exactly 4pm. Why? Because… umm… in order for the Yukon Outfitters Hammock to function as it’s supposed to, it needs to be set up in the dying light of a November Thursday. It says that right here in the set-up manual thing.

No, honey, I’m not going to show it to you. I’m too busy looking at it myself and telling you all these factual things printed here, silly.

Oh, your dad could help? You know, I’m not sure that’s gonna work for me… I mean, for the hammock. It says here that it’s a one man job. In fact, if more  than one person puts it together, it can be very dangerous. Because, um, it’s high in cholesterol somehow. Look, I don’t know how, honey, but do you really want to risk that with your dad’s cholesterol issues?

And yeah, I’m reading a little bit further and it looks like I’ll have to take a four hour nap on this thing to ensure it’s all good to go. So, it sounds like you’ll have to do all the dishes without me…

Honey! Don’t blame me! Blame the Hammock people. I’m just the messenger here.

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