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ZyXEL IP Camera [$79.99]

The versatile ZyXEL CloudEnabled HD IP Camera harnesses the power of the cloud storage to free you from the constraints of a traditional IP camera. There’s no complicated network setup required, and your video feeds can be viewed from any PC, iPhone, or Android device, anywhere in the world.

This crisp HD camera (it records in up to 720p quality) is compatible with the iSecurity+ suite of mobile apps. iSecurity+ provides fast, easy access to video feeds and camera management tools directly from any iOS or Android-based device, or from any computer with a Flash compatible web browser, so it’s easy monitoring and management when you’re on the go.

Its 802.11n wireless technology and included wireless signal boosting antenna allows you to easily use this camera anywhere a Wi-Fi signal is available – making it easy to monitor parking lots, outdoor areas, or rooms without a readily available Ethernet connection free from the cost and difficulty of running new wire.

This state of the art camera provides unparalleled surveillance. Its pan-tilt-zoom technology that provides complete camera control, allowing you to quickly and easily pan your camera up to 340 degrees and tilt up to 100 degrees. 720p video provides crystal clarity, while h.264 encoding saves bandwidth without sacrificing video quality. You can store video directly onto microSD by using the built-in microSD slot, or you can connect your home or office network to instantly upload and store your footage.

For best-in-class surveillance day or night, this camera comes equipped with an array of IR LEDs to automatically illuminate darkened areas, providing perfect vision at up to 10 meters, even in complete darkness! Add this fantastic camera to your home or office and keep your loved ones and belonging safe at all times.

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